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Daria Love is the Artist, Founder, and CEO of MsLovexoArt. She is an Abstract Painter, Digital Illustrator, Jewelry Designer and Teacher. She is from Dayton, Ohio and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Ohio Cincinnati. Daria is known for creating paintings using her signature style called “Affirmation Art”. She creates visual and digital artwork to motivate, encourage, and inspire.  When it comes purpose; youth and young adults is who she is passionate to advocate for. She inspires many to keep going and to love themselves through their self love journey. 

MsLovexoArt Mission 

To encourage and motivate individuals through artwork and make them feel happy & confident when they read, wear, or use a product.

MsLovexoArt Vision

To create original visual and digital artwork with affirmations on products to inspire people to love themselves and remember to keep going and never give up.

Photo by: IG: @3rd.shot
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