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Daria Love known as MsLovexo is 28 from Dayton, Ohio. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Ohio Cincinnati.

She is a Teacher, Digital Illustrator, Self Taught Abstract Painter and Jewelry Maker.  

She says “Creating is a way to calm the soul and a way to remain sane”.

Heart, Mind and Soul is where her creativity begins. Inspired within her self from emotions, conversations, and self taught knowledge.

Her art is eye catching, expressive, and relatable from her eclectic imagination.

Within her art she uses bright colors that are bold and represent happiness.

Her abstract art expresses the current mood she’s feeling whether it’s sad mad or happy. During her creative process she doesn’t initially have an idea of what she creates. She lets her emotion lead her and goes with the flow.

Photo by: IG: @3rd.shot
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